Technician Videos at JLR Cincinnati

We record Technician Videos as a Jaguar Land Rover service center committed to transparency with exceptional customer value. Technician Videos welcome customers to step inside the service department as we complete routine maintenance and repairs to your vehicle. Our customers get to see what we see while listening to the certified technician explain service execution, involved systems and component evaluation, and why we may suggest additional maintenance to improve reliability, safety, or comfort. Continue learning more about Technician Videos and how they can improve your customer service experience. Schedule your vehicle’s next service with a Technician Video at JLR Cincinnati, service the greater Cincinnati area today!

Technician Video Overview

We record certified technicians completing the scheduled service and courtesy walkaround inspections, including the tires, fluids, filters, brakes, suspension, windshield wiper blades, lights and more. Upon completion, we promptly send a text message with your Technician Video. You can watch the video at your convenience, but we recommend watching as soon as possible in case we find at-risk components with additional maintenance recommended. Customers can Approve or Deny the suggested maintenance via text. We welcome calls to the service center to discuss the video, results, and further maintenance if involved. Shortly after receiving the Technician Video, you will be sent an estimate outlining the total parts and labor costs associated with additional services recommended via text.

Certified Jaguar Land Rover Service

Technician Videos detail certified Jaguar Land Rover services. We employ factory-trained technicians who understand your Jaguar or Land Rover through extensive hands-on experience. We equip our service center with state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring precise results to factory specifications. We complete every service with OEM parts and fluids guaranteedby Jaguar Land Rover warranty. Nobody is more qualified and better equipped to service your vehicle than JLR Cincinnati.

Additional Complimentary Conveniences

Technician Videos are one of the many ways we support maximum customer value with complimentary conveniences. We offer home/office pick-up and delivery; you tell us the destination, and we do the rest! We furnish the customer waiting lounge comfortably with complimentary beverages and snacks, reading material, business workstations, flat screen TV and Wi-Fi.

We look forward to serving you at JLR Cincinnati in the future for your Jaguar or Land Rover service needs. Experience what a difference it makes to connect with the certified technician working on your vehicle and the transparency you deserve.

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